Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree Decor

Have a green holiday this year by decorating your Christmas tree with eco-friendly materials that are endlessly reusable and recyclable.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas
  • Festive Felt Red Bird Perfect For Holiday Tree

    Felt Bird Ornaments

    A great project to make with kids, customize the birds to match your home's decor or add each family member's initials for a sweet keepsake.

  • Fabric And Paper Ornaments Are Recyclable

    Fabric and Paper Christmas Tree

    These delightful decorations are all made from eco-friendly materials such as vintage fabric, old wool blankets and sweaters and discarded paper.

  • Paper Heart Is Made From Recycled Paper

    Recycled Paper Ornaments

    Wallpaper samples, small leftovers from gift wrap or decorative napkins add a colorful touch to your tree with these easy-to-create ornaments.

  • Old Fashioned Clothespin Doll Has Nostalgic Appeal

    Clothes Pin Tree Angel

    An old-fashioned wooden clothes pin is just the right size for the angel's body; dress her in any small pieces of fabric you have around the house to add a nostalgic look to your Christmas tree

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas

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