Organic Holiday Table Decorations

Dress your table and set the scene for a festive meal with holiday centerpieces, place-setting ideas and chair decorations.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas
  • Use Fresh Foliage and Herbs for a Table Centerpiece

    Herb Centerpiece

    Gather a selection of fresh, seasonal herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme and bay leaves, and use them to create an alternative table centerpiece.

  • Winter Foliage Centerpiece

    Fresh Foliage Centerpiece

    Pick a selection of whatever fresh foliage and winter flowers you may have growing in your garden for this variation on the evergreen centerpiece.

  • Fresh Rosemary And Sage Bucket

    Individual Place Setting: Rosemary and Sage

    Place a few sprigs of rosemary in a tiny galvanized bucket, tuck in a sage stem and add a little water.

  • Tiny Buckets Hold Rosemary, Bay Leaf And Thyme

    Individual Place Setting: Bay Leaf, Thyme and Rosemary

    Place thyme and rosemary sprigs in a tiny bucket and insert three bay leaves in a row.

  • Sweet Berry Arrangement

    Individual Place Setting: Ivy and Red Berries

    Fill an egg cup with sprigs of bright red berries and tuck in a few short lengths of ivy around the edge.

  • Rose Hips, Ivy, And Moss

    Individual Place Setting: Rosehips, Ivy and Moss

    Put a few slightly longer rosehip stems in an egg cup and pack moss and ivy leaves around them.

  • Fresh Cut Winter Flower Centerpiece

    Individual Place Setting: Fresh Flowers

    Cut fresh flowers from plants that flourish in a winter garden, such as Christmas rose (Helleborus niger), Lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis), or witch hazel (Hamamellis mollis). Put them in a small foil-lined box or pot and add a little water.

  • Terra cotta Pots as Holiday Centerpieces

    Terracotta Pot Candleholders

    Turn three simple terracotta pots into stylish candleholders: line the base of each with recycled aluminum foil, put a beeswax candle in the center, pack sand around each candle and cover the sand with a pretty arrangement of fresh foliage and bright berries.

  • Decorated Chair Back Dresses Up Holiday Table

    Decorated Chair Backs

    These simple arrangements, made up of a few stems of trailing ivy (Hedera), mistletoe (Viscum album), and holly (Ilex), roughly tied together with natural raffia, and attached to the back of each chair, will lend a lovely rustic detail to your decorated table.

  • Simple Napkin Decoration Highlights Festive Occasion

    Dried Napkin Decoration

    Make a simple napkin decoration by gluing together a dried leaf, a dried orange slice and a cinnamon stick. Rest it lightly on a folded linen napkin, or secure it with a length of natural raffia.

  • Christmas Mistletoe and Berries Place Setting Decoration

    Fresh Napkin Decoration

    Gather a few short stems of fresh mistletoe and a sprig or two of bright berries, bind them together with some garden twine and rest the small posy on a folded linen napkin.

  • Dress Up a Table Setting With Organic Linens

    Use Organic Table Linen

    Beautiful table linen is the most inviting way to dress your table, no matter what the occasion. Whether you choose a vibrant tablecloth or a pure linen cloth and napkins, they all create the same pleasing effect. Conventional cotton production uses toxic chemicals, so buy organic or vintage cotton linen and enjoy the reassuringly natural quality that we typically associate with this material.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas

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