Felted Christmas Ornaments and Garland

Create these charming ornaments to add cottage style to your Christmas tree or string them together to create a rustic garland.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas
  • Felt Garland Is Charming Way To Decorate

    String Ornaments to Create Garland

    To create the ornaments, you'll need cream and brown felt and small bits of trim and buttons. Make your own felt by washing an old, unwanted 100 percent wool blanket or garment in a hot machine wash.

  • Felt Mitten With Old Ribbon And Vintage Button

    Mitten Ornament

    Sew felt together with a blanket stitch and embellish with a bit of gingham ribbon and a vintage button. Leave the top unstitched.

  • Christmas Tree Felt Ornament Trimmed With Scraps

    Christmas Tree Ornament

    Cut two tree shapes from green felt, stitch them together with a sewing machine then decorate with rickrack trim and buttons.

  • Felt Robin Made With Felt, Scrap Fabric And Trim

    Robin Ornament

    To make the robin's body, cut a circle of fabric, fold in half, insert a fabric beak, and sew the curved edges together. Add wings and a red breast.

  • Felt Snowman Decorated With Scraps And Button

    Snowman Ornament

    Sew two eyes and draw a carrot nose with a fabric pen, then attach a length of wool fabric as a scarf with a button.

  • Felt Stocking Embroidered With Simple Details

    Stocking Ornament

    Embroider simple details on to the toe and heel of the sock. Decorate with a folded length of ribbon and a button.

  • Gingerbread Man Made From Felt And Scrap Materials

    Gingerbread Man Ornament

    Sew rickrack trimming on to the arms and feet, and cut out and sew on a scarf and button in jolly colors.

  • Holly Berry Ornament Made From Plaid Wool Fabric

    Holly and Berries Ornament

    Cut two holly shapes from plaid fabric, sew them together, insert a wire circle, and add red berry buttons.

  • Felt Candy Cane Embellished With Ribbon And Button

    Candy Cane Ornament

    Wrap a small length of brightly colored ribbon around the stick and secure it in place with a sewn-on button.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas

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