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Apple Holiday Wreath

Take green apples, plywood and greenery for an outside holiday decoration.

Kathy Hanson of Excelsior, Minn., was a busy executive who wanted to find a way to spend more time with her family. She started making charming items for the home, and her new career was born. In this project, Kathy makes a holiday wreath with fresh green apples.

Materials and Tools:

sheet of plywood
green exterior spray paint
100 3-inch galvanized nails
heavy-gauge wire
sturdy picture hangers
holiday greenery
20 lb. of apples
holiday bow


1. Draw a 24-inch circular pattern onto plywood, cut out wreath shape using jigsaw. Sand any rough edges.

2. Before continuing, add sturdy picture hangers and heavy-gauge wire to back of wreath.

3. Randomly hammer 100 3-inch galvanized nails into wreath form.

4. Spray paint the plywood and nails green.

5. Skewer the apples onto the nails.

6. Fill the empty spaces with greenery.

7. Add a decorative holiday bow.

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