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Holiday Ornaments Make Memories

Here are some tips to create ornaments to make each season memorable.

Traditionally holiday ornaments adorn trees; it's a custom that started in Germany and found its way to the states in the early 1800s. The first ornaments were fruits and cookies and they're now being used to decorate every room in the house.


  • As we pull ornaments out each year, memories of the past and hopes for the future come with them. They herald in the holidays and help us to celebrate old traditions and start new ones.

  • Add some colored bulbs to grandma's vintage ornaments to make them really special. The color palettes for this season are versatile and exciting, from ruby red to bright fuchsia down to the aubergine.

  • Decorate a kitchen wreath with fruit and vegetable ornaments or make one with a fishing theme for dad.

  • Give a child a new ornament each year so that when they have their own tree, they can fill it with all the special gifts from the past.

  • Keep past holiday memories alive each year with a tree full of special ornaments.


Memory Ornaments

Materials and Tools:

1/16"-thick glass pieces
construction paper
metallic markers
string or thin ribbon
silver craft tape


1. Cut the photo and construction paper to the size of the glass.

2. Write a message on the back of the paper, and then secure the three items with craft tape around the edges.

3. Glue string or ribbon to the ornament to hang it.

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