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Fairy Wings Take Flight

Learn how to craft these fairy wings for that upcoming costume party.

Rosemary Kimble was living in Atlanta and making costumes when she paid a visit to New Orleans and immediately felt at home. So she packed up and relocated and now her costumes are a big hit during Mardi Gras.

Materials and Tools:

sheer stretchy fabric
hot glue sticks and glue gun
marabou boas
sequin trim
fabric paint
16-gauge galvanized steel wire


1. Use your hands and pliers to form wing shapes out of 16-gauge galvanized steel wire.

2. Tie elastic onto the wings for attaching to the body once the project is finished.

3. Cover the form with stretchy lightweight fabric, one wing at a time. Take care to glue around elastic while stretching material across each wing

4. Glue on alternating sides until each edge of wire has fabric stretched across and glued to it.

5. Embellish edges of wings with marabou and trim.

6. Glue on rhinestones with fabric glue.

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