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Spooky and Easy Felt Pillows

Turn your house into a Halloween-themed space with these easy felt pillows.

Add a few Halloween-themed pillows to a couch or chair covered in a sheet to make your living room come alive for this fun holiday!

Materials and Tools:

fabric glue
pillow form
measuring tape
white fabric marker


1. Measure the pillow form and cut a rectangle of felt that measures one inch higher and double the width, plus four inches for overlap and seams.

2. Sew the short-end seams, and then fold the fabric end over, creating the overlap in the middle of the back. Mark along the fold lines, and then find the center of the front face of the pillow cover.

3. Glue the desired holiday design to the front center. Fold the pillow cover on the fold lines with the right sides together (this will cover the design temporarily). Pin along the top and bottom edges, and then sew the openings closed.

4. Turn the pillow cover right side out, and then tuck the pillow form inside.

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