Knitting Products From Share My Craft Users

From knit hats to afghans, Share My Craft users display their knitted creations.

  • Stylin’ in the Buff

    Made for her niece’s newborn twins, Flutterby5429 knits hats almost as beautiful as the newborns themselves.

  • A Better Sweater

    Made for a little one, the pretty pink sweater from SMC user hanka66 also has ladybug button details.

  • Big Needle Knitting

    SanDesignsUSA knitted strips of fabric, denim and ribbons together to create this one-of-a-kind purse.

  • Knit a Bit Warmer

    Grandma Nina shows a great hat to knit for family and friends in cold weather.

  • Shawl for Sure

    Fearless Knitter dives into a whirlpool effect for her blue knit shawl.

  • Down by the Bay

    SMC user creativearts knitted this scenic baby blanket and then cross-stitched flower details.

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