Quilts With Kaleidoscope Patterns

A blast of color and design, these psychedelic quilts are like looking through a prism. To check out more vibrant quilts, go to Share my Quilt at HGTV.com.

  • Pixilated Perfection

    This quilt was assembled with patches from every state in the United States and all around the world.

  • Bibity Bobity Boo!

    Like casting a magic spell, this quilt's asymmetry makes for an enchanting design.

  • Compass Rose

    The symmetric starburst of this quilt allows for multiple patches of color.

  • Hawaiian Flower Power

    A Hawaiian flower foundation grows into a fabulous fuchsia comforter.

  • Psychedelic Shades

    The neon colors of this quilt against the black background really make the design pop.

  • Rainbow of Snowflakes

    Deep, gem-colored patches form together to create a confetti of snowflakes.

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