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Update Old Closet Doors to Look Like Shoji Screens

Transform 1980s sliding, mirrored-closet doors into shoji-style screens.

Tools and Materials:
self-adhesive wood veneer sheets
spray paint (black)
dark walnut stain
paintbrush, gloves and rags for staining
spray can glass frosting
utility knife with fresh blade
6-foot metal ruler and a tape measure
rubber roller

1. Remove the closet doors and set on a work surface. Our doors had brass trim which we spray painted black to make them look more contemporary. Let the spray paint dry thoroughly.

2. Use acetone and a razor blade to scrape off any excess black spray paint from the mirror surface.

3. Brush the dark walnut stain onto the sheet of veneer. Wipe the excess off with a rag.

4. Measure and mark the veneer into 2-inch strips for the mirror trim. Use a metal ruler and utility knife with fresh blade to cut the veneer.

5. Apply the self-adhering strips to the perimeter of the mirror door. Smooth out the strips with a rubber roller. Use a framing square to ensure tight 90 degree angles where your veneer meets. Use the same process to add strips horizontally.

6. Spray the mirror surface with canned glass frosting.

7. Hang the doors on their original track for a completely updated closet door.

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