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How To Build a Stone Planter

Dress up your porch or patio with a stone planter box.

Tools and Materials:
staple gun
air compressor and hoses
pressure-treated or exterior-grade plywood
pressure-treated 2x4 lumber
masonry lath
two bags of quick-set mortar
mixing tub
thin veneer stone

1. Build the frame to fit the area. Be sure to allow enough room for the stone siding. Use the 2x4s to support the support the structure. Build a ledge inside the box to hold up a store-bought planter box or add plywood on top of the inner ledge to create a space for plants. Line the inside of this space with plastic to preserve the plywood.

2. Staple or nail the mason’s lath to the plywood frame. The lath will give the mortar some gripping strength.

3. Adhere the stone to the frame using quick-set mortar. Apply the mortar to the stone and to the lath. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for drying time.

4. Once the mortar is mostly set, use a grout/mortar bag to squeeze mortar into the cracks between the stones.

5. After the grout gets stiff, brush the joints with a brick tool, a stiff brush or your finger to smooth the joints. Let the mortar dry completely.

6. The planter should weigh enough that it does not need to be secured to its surroundings.

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