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Apple and Evergreen Christmas Topiary

Mixed evergreens and bright-green apples combine to create a beautifully natural addition to your holiday decor.

This project is part of HGTV's eight easy Christmas crafts to create.

Materials and Tools:

tall candle stand
foam sphere
fresh evergreens
berry sprays (fresh or faux)
small green faux apple picks
garden clippers
floral pins
red-and-white gingham ribbon
hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Cut a few evergreen branches from your backyard, or ask a neighbor if you can cut theirs; if desired, mix and match types of greenery for added visual interest.

2. Place foam sphere on candle stand, attaching it with hot glue, if needed, to prevent shifting while greenery and other items are added.

3. Cut small sections of greenery from branches and attach to foam sphere with hot glue or floral pins. Continue adding greenery until all visible parts of sphere are covered.

4. Insert apple picks into foam sphere and fill in with berry sprays, attached in the same manner as greenery.

5. Finally, add a gingham ribbon to the bottom of the topiary with hot glue.

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