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Cork Memo Board With Crown Molding Frame

Get organized and inspired with this easy-to-construct memo board.

Tools and Materials:
circular saw
miter saw
pin nail gun and 5/8-inch pin nails
paintbrushes and paint tray
caulking gun and a tube of adhesive (we used Dap brand Liquid Nails)
screw gun
4x8-foot sheet of 1/4” plywood
120-grit sandpaper
2-5/8” wide notched door casing
wood glue
quart of paint (we used Olympic brand, Kitchen and Bath paint in Ultra White)
twelve 12” x 12” renewable cork tiles
picture hanging hardware

1. Use a circular saw to cut the plywood down to 53-1/4” x 41-1/4”. This will accommodate all twelve cork tiles (four tiles wide by three tiles high) and the framed border. Lightly sand the cut edges.

2. Miter cut the notched molding to fit flush with the outside edge of the plywood.

3. Frame out the plywood by gluing and nailing the molding to the outermost edge. You may want to nail strips of plywood between the backer and molding to elevate the molding if the density of the cork is greater than the molding.

4. Paint the molding and the outside edge of the plywood.

5. Affix all twelve cork tiles to the plywood backer with adhesive and a caulking gun.

6. Once dry, flip the board over and attach the picture hanging hardware.

7. Install two screws to the wall where the board will hang, making sure to hit studs.

8. Hang board in place and decorate with inspirational items.

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