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Sliding Shoji-Screen Doors for an Entertainment Center

Bookshelf frames are used to construct shoji-style doors for a media cabinet.

Tools and Materials:
entertainment center/bookshelf
ebony stain
two pre-built bookshelf frames
roll of rice paper
four pieces of 8-foot shelf cleat
spray adhesive
four 1/4" square dowel rods
nail gun
chop saw

1. Stain dowel rods, frames and entertainment center.

2. Use spray adhesive to attach rice paper to the rear of the bookshelf frames.

3. Cut away excess rice paper (figure A).

4. Nail ebony frame onto the front of the bookshelf frame.

5. Cut dowel rods to size and attach to face of rice paper.

6. Cut the shelf cleat and attach it to the top and bottom of the frame.

7. Attach the corresponding cleat to the front of the entertainment center.

8. Slide frames over cleats to make a pair of horizontal sliding doors.

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