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European, Old-World Topiary

This Tuscan-style topiary is perfect for the holidays or any time of year.

Tools and Materials:

ceramic pot
floral foam
foam spheres
red dogwood branch
bark-covered wire
seeded eucalyptus
pepper berry
crab apples
glittered and painted pine cones
boxwood clustered leaves


1. Insert a piece of floral foam into your ceramic pot. This will serve as the base.

2. Cut down and straighten out a cluster of red dogwood and insert it into your floral foam base.

3. Wrap covered-bark wire around branches to hold them together. Wind it tightly so you will have strong truck for your topiary.

4. Dunk foam spheres in water until they are fully saturated.

5. Place your first sphere on top of the red dogwood branches.

6. Cut your second sphere in half and secure around the middle with the bark-covered wire.

7. Cover floral foam with boxwood clustered leaves. (Live boxwood should last about two months.)

8. Decorate with additional foliage as desired.

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