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Paper Cornucopias Sweeten Christmas

A New Orleans resident creates candy-filled horns that are sure to win over kids.

Fill paper cornucopias with a bounty of Christmas treats.

Materials and Tools:

construction paper, green or red
Scotch tape
tacky glue
lacy ribbon


1. Roll a piece of construction paper into a cone. Glue the ends to secure the cone shape.

2. Measure ribbon around the opening of the cone and cut the ribbon to size.

3. Dab glue on one end of the ribbon and press onto the outside of the cornucopia. Wrap a second ribbon around the opening and glue one end of the ribbon on top of the other to form a complete circle. The ribbon should frame the opening of the cornucopia.

4. Allow the glue to dry fully, and then fill your cornucopia with candy to give to a friend.

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