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How to Create a Chic Silver Centerpiece for the Holidays

Create a sparkling and chic silver centerpiece to add style to your holiday table.

Materials and Tools:

dried or artificial silver dollar eucalyptus branches
silver spray paint
silver and white glass balls of various shapes and sizes
silver footed glass container
35-light strand of Christmas lights
spray glue (such as Super 77)
silver glitter
faux snow


1. Place eucalyptus branches on newspaper or cardboard to protect work surface from overspray. Lightly spray eucalyptus with a dusting of silver spray paint and allow to dry.

2. Next, again using a light touch, spray branches with spray glue and sprinkle on silver glitter.

3. Position footed container in the center of buffet, dining or entry table. Arrange Christmas lights around base of container, making sure to position the plug at the back. Pile eucalyptus branches over lights around base of container.

4. Fill container with faux snow and arrange silver and white glass balls. Vary the ornament's sizes and shapes for visual interest. Tip: If using a food-safe container, instead of ornaments, you could fill the bowl with fresh fruit, such as cranberries or strawberries or homemade candies, cookies or cake.

5. Finally, plug in Christmas lights to add an unexpected sparkle to the base of the centerpiece.

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