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Create a Garden Cement Leaf

Sharon Eide embellishes her garden decoration with metallic paints.

Materials and Tools:

patch cement
large leaf
metallic paints
water-based varnish
rubber gloves
shallow rectangular pan

Steps 1-4

1. Collect some large leaves.

2. Shape a mound of damp sand in a shallow rectangular pan to support the leaf.

3. Place the leaf upside down on the mound of sand and cut the thick end of the stem out.

4. Place a section of another leaf over the end of the first leaf where the stem was removed.

Steps 5-6

5. Mix patch cement according to the label directions.

6. Wearing rubber gloves, pat cement over the leaf to a thickness of about 1/2 inch thick.

7. Wait at least 24 hours before removing the leaf. The cement leaf needs to set well.

Step 8

8. Lift the cement cast leaf off the sand. Peel off the real leaf and brush off all the sand.

Step 9

9. Paint the cement with cool color metallic paints inside and out. Let dry.

Steps 10-12

10. Epoxy seashells on the bowl part of the leaf.

11. Seal the entire leaf with water-based varnish. Let dry.

12. Place the cement leaf in the garden and enjoy.

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