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Build a Mailbox

Create a decorative mailbox for some curb appeal.

Materials and Tools:

two 4x4x8 pressure-treated lumber
four 2x4x8 pressure-treated lumber
newspaper box
quick-setting concrete mix
miter box
table saw

Before: Boring Mailbox

tape measure
nail gun
wood glue


1. Cut the post to the desired height for the mailbox, allowing for 12 inches being underground. Dig a 12-inch-deep hole. Pour quick-set concrete into hole, according to manufacturer's instructions. Let dry.

2. Design the mailbox as desired. Using a circular saw, cut the plywood to the desired design and size. Cut an opening in the front piece for the mailbox and newspaper box. Attach the pieces together with a nail gun.

3. Paint the mailbox and post as desired.

4. Build a flower box to fit your design, leaving enough room under the mailbox to decorate with the desired flowers. Note: Pre-made flower boxes are also available at your local home supply center.

5. Glue and nail the mailbox to the post. Insert the mailbox and newspaper box, nailing through the bottom to secure. Plant flowers as desired.

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