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To Mom, with Love Bracelet

Make Mom a charming handmade bracelet that shows your love.

Materials and Tools:

7" length of extra-large chain
One 10" length of leather strip
1 clasp
3 heart charms (or more, if desired)
2 leather cord tips (glue in or crimp type)
2 jump rings or split rings
1 extra large jump ring or split ring
Craft glue (E 6000)
Split-ring pliers


1. Attach leather cord tip to one end of 10" leather strip. Attach this end to one side of the clasp using a jump ring or split ring.

Tip: Split rings are more secure than jump rings and are easy to open with special split ring pliers.

2. Begin to "weave" the leather strip in and out of the chain links until you reach the end of the chain. Trim any excess leaving a 1/4" tail extending beyond the last link in the chain. Crimp or glue the remaining cord tip to the end of the leather strip and attach to the opposite side of the clasp.

3. Use the extra large jump ring or split ring to attach your charms to one chain link in the center of the bracelet. To personalize your bracelet, have children's or grandchildren's initials engraved on each of the heart charms, or use three charms engraved with the letters M-O-M or Mom's initials.

Project courtesy of jewelry artist Sarah James.

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