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Floor-Length Round Tablecloth

Sew your own round floor-length tablecloth to suit any occasion with these step-by-step instructions.

Materials and Tools:

6 yards plaid taffeta - Jo-Ann, ETC.
tape measure


1. Cut the fabric into two three-yard lengths.

2. Cut one of the three-yard lengths down the middle on the fold. Use a 5/8-inch seam allowance to sew these two half pieces to the sides of the other three-yard piece to make it wider. Press open or finish with over-lock.

3. Fold the new wider piece in half twice so that the entire piece is now in quarters. Draw a quarter circle from the center with tailor's chalk, which is equal to half the dimension of the tabletop plus the length of the top of the table to the floor plus 1/2 inch for a quarter-inch hem.

4. Tip: An easy way to get an even circle is to pin the very end of the tape measure to the tip of the folded corner. Place a pin in the tape measure at the desired length. Swing the tape measure and mark at the pin in the tape measure as you go (the tape measure acts like a giant compass).

5. Cut the quarter circle, unfold and hem.

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