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Copper Frog

Steve Jones creates a frog out of scrap copper pieces and copper wire.

Materials and Tools:

2 pieces of 10" x 10" copper sheet
#14 solid copper wire 6" long
#8 copper wire 10" long
#6 copper wire 16" long
soldering flux
sand cloth
solder torch
tin snips
needle nose pliers
tape measure
eye protection

Steps 1 and 2


Frog's Body

1. Cut a pear shape to form the frog's body from a 4" x 6" piece of copper using tin snips.

2. Place the pear shape on another copper piece and trace around it. Cut out the second piece.

Steps 3-6

3. With pliers bend the pears in half lengthwise so that each side is bent about 3/4 inch.

4. Cut a 1-inch slit in each pear at the base with tin snips.

5. Shape each pear piece into a rounded shape with the slit pieces overlapping to form the frog's body.

6. Sand the copper edges smooth with a sand cloth.

Steps 7-10

Frog Legs

7. Flatten the ends of #8 copper wire with a hammer for the frog's back legs.

8. Flatten the ends of #6 copper wire about the width of the hammerhead to form the frog's front legs.

9. Form the #8 copper wire (back legs) into a U-shape with the ends extended outward.

10. Form the #6 copper wire into a V-shape for the frog's front legs.

Steps 11 and 12

11. Cut two pieces of 1/2" x 3" scrap copper with tin snips. Sand the strips.

12. Sand the center area of the leg wires. Apply flux to the sanded areas and solder each leg wire to the 1/2"x 3" copper strip with the torch.

Steps 13 and 14

13. After the legs cool place them on the inside of one part of the body with the back legs on the wide part of the body and the front legs at the narrow part of the body. Sand, flux and solder the legs onto the body.

14. When cool, sand the inside edge all around both body pieces on the concave side.

Steps 15 and 16

15. Cut scrap pieces of 1/4" x 3" copper sheet for the tongue. Cut a V-shape out of one end to form a forked-tongue. Sand the strip.

16. Using the half of the body without legs, sand a 1/2-inch area at the center of the small end on the concave side. Apply flux to the sanded area of the inside of body and to the strip. Solder the strip to the inside of the body for the tongue.

Steps 17 and 18

17. After it cools, apply flux around the inside edge of both body parts. Solder the two pieces together to form the copper frog.

18. Curl the tip of the tongue up with pliers.

Step 21

19. Cut #14 solid copper wire into two 2- to 3-inch pieces for the eye shapes.

20. Hold one end of the wire with the needle nose pliers and roll the wire around the needle nose in a spiral to form the eye. Repeat for the other eye. Sand one side of each eye.

21. Sand the two areas on the top of the frog for the eyes; apply flux to sanded areas of the body and on the sanded side of the eyes. Solder in place on the body.

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