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Dimensional Collage Frame

Pick out images from magazines to create this dimensional collage frame.

Dawn Shute of Santa Maria, California, creates a novel dimensional collage frame.

Figure D


1. Choose selected images from magazines, in this case, an eye and a frame for the eye. Cut out images for your dimensional collage frame (figure A).

2. Lay the magazine frame onto the canvas board and lightly pencil around it.

Figure M

6. Unroll two 10-inch pieces of the copper strapping and cut with tin snips. Straighten the strapping with a hammer on a scrap piece of board. Lay the strapping tape on the edge of the canvas board and make a starter hole for the large strapping holes with an awl. Place a thickness of two pieces of foam core under the edge of the canvas board to hammer the upholstery nails onto the canvas board to secure the copper strapping. Align the strapping on the edge of the canvas board and hammer the upholstery nails through the canvas board at the starter holes. Then hammer desired points of the upholstery nails into the foam core (figure E). Repeat for the opposite side. Note: Allow space in between upholstery nails to apply rhinestones.

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