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Ceramic Flower Card

Age the paper for this ceramic flower card with a brown stamp pad.

Courtesty of Jennifer Heynen from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Materials and Tools:

8-1/2" x 11" orange cardstock
ivory paper
green paper
pink paper
brown stamp pad
6 pink brads
4" ribbon
ceramic flower
2 ceramic leaves
green marker
flower stem rubberstamp
alphabet stickers ("thanks" black text on clear circles)
glue stick

Figure A


1. Fold an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of orange cardstock in half with the short edges together (figure A).

Figure B

2. Age the orange cardstock with a brown stamp pad (figure B).

3. Tear a 3" x 5" rectangle from ivory paper using a ruler as a guide.

Figure C

4. Age the ivory paper with the brown stamp pad (figure C).

5. Cut a green paper rectangle slightly larger than the ivory paper rectangle.

6. Cut a rectangle of pink paper for placement below the ivory rectangle.

7. Cut a 3" x 1" rectangle for grass then snip a zigzag cut across the top.

Figure D

8. Adhere the grass to the ivory rectangle (figure D).

Figure E

9. Apply green marker to the flower stem rubber stamp. Stamp a green stem on the ivory paper (figure E).

Figure F

10. Assemble the card:

  • Glue the ivory rectangle onto the green rectangle.
  • Glue the green rectangle onto front of the orange card.
  • Glue the pink rectangle on the lower third of the green rectangle below the ivory paper (figure F).

Figure G

11. Apply the words "thanks" spelled from alphabet stickers (black text on clear circles) onto the piece of ribbon (figure G).

Figure H

12. Punch holes in the four corners of the ivory rectangle using a needle tool and insert a pink brad in each corner (figure H). Punch a hole in the upper right corner of the pink rectangle and lower left corner of the pink rectangle.

Figure I

13. Raised ribbon with brads:

  • Punch a hole in the center of the ribbon on the left side and insert a brad through this hole and the left side hole on the pink rectangle.
  • Punch a hole in the center of the ribbon on the right side and insert a brad through this hole and the right side hole on the pink triangle.
  • The ribbon will be raised from the surface of the card (figure I).

Figure J

14. Glue a previously made ceramic flower to the top of the stem. Glue two ceramic leaves on each side of the stem (figure J).

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