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How to Create a Mixed Media Collage

Sheila Wilson creates a mixed media collage.

Materials and Tools:

3/4"plywood cut to 12" x 12"
acrylic paint: black, red, burgundy
oil pastels
decorative handmade paper
mica scrap
fabric, scraps of three different patterns
computer text (computer and printer)
gold spray paint
metal trim with adhesive backing
rubber stamps, multi-circle stamp, gothic design stamp, alphabet stamps
stamp ink pad, black, gold, white
corrugated cardboard
photocopy of image
matte medium
spray sealer (gloss)
hand saw
miter box
four lattice strips, 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 12"
foam brush
safety glasses

Figure A


1. Apply paint to the wood board in a random pattern until the board is covered.

2. Apply torn pieces of decorative handmade paper and corrugated cardboard squares in a random pattern to the board using matte medium to affix the pieces in place (Figure A).

Figure B

3. Apply gold stamping ink to a gothic rubber stamp and stamp images. Add white paint to a multi-circle stamp and stamp images (Figure B).

Figure C

4. Stamp the word Love in white along the top (Figure C).

Figure D

5. Position a decorative stencil along the right edge of the board and spray-paint gold. Remove the stencil (Figure D).

Figure E

6. Cut two 2-inch squares of three different fabrics (total of six squares) and glue them across the bottom of the piece with matte medium (Figure E).

Figure F

7. Glue the photo to the collage and apply oil pastels around edge to blend into the background (Figure F).

8. Add text from the computer and cover with a mica scrap.

Figure G

9. Remove the paper backing from a self-adhesive metal trim strip and attach it across the top of the fabric strips (Figure G).

10. Seal the piece with spray sealer (gloss).

Figure H

11. Lay the finished piece on a lattice strip and measure the sides for the frame. Mark with pencil for cut lines (Figure H).

12. Wearing eye protection, cut four lattice strips for the wood frame using a hand saw and sand if necessary with sandpaper.

Figure I

13. Attach the cut lattice strips to the sides of the piece using nails and a hammer (Figure I).

Figure J

14. Paint the wood frame black (Figure J).

15. You may choose to add a distressed look to the piece by sanding the edges.

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