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Easy Lead-Free No-Solder Stained Glass Box

In this project, Tina Frost from Akron, Ohio, makes a stained glass trinket box using no lead and no solder.

Materials and Tools:

four 1" x 3" pieces of glass
3" x 3" contrasting pieces of glass
2-3/4" x 2-3/4" mirror
4 marbles
decorative marble for top
Delta Air-Dry PermEnamel Shimmers glass paint
E6000 clear adhesive
glass cutter
glass file
square level


1. Smooth all edges of glass pieces using a glass file.

2. Using the glass file, file a smooth edge on each marble (making a flat side that will make attaching easier).

3. Wipe all glass pieces and marbles with alcohol to ensure glass is dust- and oil-free.

4. Glue box together using square level to ensure box is even and square on all sides. Avoid stressing until glue has had time to set (usually overnight).

5. Attach bottom to box using E6000. Gently attach the small marbles to the bottom of the box (outer corners) to serve as feet for the box. Make sure box sits level and does not wobble.

6. Glue mirror to inside top of lid. Make sure mirror is glued directly in the center of lid.

7. Glue decorative marble to the outside center of lid for a handle.

8. Set the assembled box aside and allow glue to completely dry/set (per manufacturer's suggested drying time).

9. When completely dry, paint and embellish your box as desired.

Tip: Glue on small pieces of jewelry to adorn box even more.

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