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Recycled Trunk Entertainment Center

Update a vintage steamer trunk by fitting it with shelves to hold multimedia equipment.

This refurbished old trunk can also be used in the bathroom to keep toiletries organized.

Materials and Tools:

old trunk
1" x 1" and 1" x 12" wood pieces
4 double-sided screws
4 washers
4 nuts
ratchet wrench
"L" brackets
4" wide wood
leather strips (from shoe repair stores)
thin finishing nails


1. Clean the trunk as needed.

2. Cut four 2-inch lengths of 1" x 1" wood for legs. Drill pilot holes in one end of each and use pliers to put double-sided screws in. Drill pilot holes in the corners of one end of the larger portion of the trunk. Put a leg in; slip a washer and nut over the exposed end of the screw, and then use a ratchet wrench to tighten it in place. Repeat until all the legs are attached.

3. Set the wheel on the front edge of the smaller trunk side and screw it in place, to make the trunk easy to open and close.

4. Cut three 1" x 12" shelves to the necessary width to hold the TV, VCR and stereo equipment. Screw four "L" brackets to each shelf (two on each end), and attach them to the larger portion of the trunk.

5. Cut 4-inch-wide shelves to the necessary width for DVDs and CDs. Add brackets as above and screw them in place to the smaller section of the trunk. To keep items from falling out, nail leather strips across the middle of each shelf.

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