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Soothing Fountain

Enhance quiet moments with the soothing sound of trickling water.

Here's how to make a small indoor or outdoor fountain.


deep wooden bowl
miter saw
standard water pump tubing
upholstery thread


1. Use two sizes of bamboo — a thick piece for the spout and two thinner ones for support. Cut the thick piece into a 10-inch length with a 45-degree angle on one end. Cut the thinner pieces several inches longer than the bowl's diameter. Choose a bowl that's deep enough to hold a couple of pints of water.

2. Drill a hole on the bottom side of the larger bamboo piece for one end of the water tube (use a drill bit no larger than the tubing to prevent leakage).

3. Use upholstery thread to tie the thick bamboo piece (with the drilled hole down) perpendicular to the thinner ones, which should be about 1 inch apart. Once they are secure, make a small knot and cut any remaining thread.

4. Cut a 5-inch length of tubing and insert it into the drilled hole in the bamboo.

5. Place the pump toward the bottom side of the bowl so that the cord will be easier to camouflage. Put the larger rocks on the bottom and the smaller pebbles on top for color.

6. Position the bamboo and connect the tube to the pump. Add water and turn it on.

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