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Candlestick Topiaries

Add character to candlesticks by topping them with decorated foam balls.

Materials and Tools:

foam balls of various sizes
green or brown floral spray paint*
dripless candles
apple corer
florist clay
low-temperature hot-glue gun and glue sticks
natural materials - acorns, nuts, moss, dried flowers, etc.
pointed, plastic individual candle holders from a florist
flat piece of plastic foam

*Floral spray-paint must be used because a regular spray paint will cause plastic foam balls to disintegrate. Ask a salesperson for the appropriate type.


1. Insert a craft stick into each of the foam balls, and insert that into the flat plastic foam to make painting easier and to ensure even coverage. Spray-paint the balls with green or brown.

2. Cut a 2"-long segment from the bottom of the candle. Using an apple corer, carefully whittle out a 1" deep hole in the foam ball. Please note: Don't cut the hole and insert the candle if the sphere will be displayed on a table top. Just leave a small area uncovered so that the ball won't roll.

3. Insert the candle segment into the hole. If necessary, use florist clay to make it fit securely.

4. Glue acorns, nuts or other items to the foam surface, placing them closely together. Continue gluing until the entire ball is covered except for a small area opposite the hole. Insert the candle segment in the candlestick and taper the candle, if necessary, to make it fit. Use florist clay to keep the ball steady.

5. Insert the pointed end of a plastic candle holder into the top of the ball, and continue gluing natural items in place until the surface is completely covered.

6. Insert the candle.

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