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How to Repair a Basement Walk-Out Stoop

Restore firm footing outside your door with these step-by-step instructions.

If you don't have solid ground to stand on when you step outside your basement, this project shows you how to fix the situation.

Materials and Tools:

4x4x8-inch pressure-treated lumber (4 lengths)
6 bags of concrete mix
circular saw
safety glasses


1. Remove the existing bricks.

2. Dig out a 4x4-foot hole that's 8 inches deep.

3. Frame out the perimeter with pressure-treated 4x4's as pictured. Level the ground inside the frame.

4. Plug the drain.

5. Mix the concrete.

6. Pour the concrete into the frame, and smooth it with a 2x4 until it's level.

7. Allow drying time per the concrete manufacturer's instructions.

8. Install the drain cover.

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