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Work Area With Adjustable Shelves

Learn how to install a storage system that can change with your needs.

After: Adjustable shelves add storage and a work area.

Rather than making your stuff fit your shelves, make your shelves fit your stuff. Just follow these step-by-step instructions for installing adjustable shelves.

Materials and Tools:

adjustable-shelving kit
cordless drill with magnetic screw tip
measuring tape
safety glasses
stud finder


1. Install the top rail of the kit by screwing it into the top plate of the wall. Wooden-stud walls always have a top plate along the entire length of the wall; you can drive screws anywhere within an inch of the ceiling. If you're below that, you'll need to find studs with a stud finder.

2. Clip the vertical adjustment anywhere along the top rail.

3. Position the shelf brackets along the verticals as desired.

4. Clip the shelves into the brackets.

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