10 Inspiring Interior Doors

Think you're limited to plain white doors in your home's interior? Think again. See how unique materials and innovative design can make a door not just a privacy provider, but also an integral part of a room's decor.

  • charalambous-master-bedroom-closet-zen-modern

    Custom Closet Doors

    These unique sliding doors do more than conceal a closet — they also add an eye-catching feature to this bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling resin doors have red metal strips ingrained in them, bringing out the color of the woven area rug and the burnt-orange wall in the stairwell beyond. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

  • Tetbury traditional blue dining room

    Inviting Entrance

    Rate My Space user Tetbury created a welcoming entrance to her traditional dining room by framing the space with a pair of classic French doors.

  • Weinstein pantry kitchen 4

    Multipurpose Pantry Door

    The sliding-glass barn door on exposed tracks used for this kitchen pantry does double-duty as a message board. Grocery lists and family notes can be written right on the glass. Design by Randy Weinstein.

  • Zen Bathroom

    Shoji screen doors lend a calming, spa-like feel to this Asian-influenced bathroom. Design by Alan Hilsabeck, Jr.

  • Creative Closet

    Using chalkboard paint, Rate My Space user Design-Dazzle transformed typical closet doors into a space for her daughter to express herself.

  • Reflection of Style

    A mirrored door plays up the metallic accents on this room's wallpaper and makes the space feel more open.

  • modern open floor plan

    A Splash of Color

    In an overall neutral space, a door painted a bold shade of orange becomes an unexpected focal point. Design by Rouzita Vahhabaghai.

  • Vecchione entryway distressed furniture

    An Antique Touch

    A distressed, teal door rounds out this room’s rustic look while adding a touch of color. Design by Tom Vecchione.

  • Grubb eclectic entryway

    Eclectic Entrances

    Reclaimed Balinese doors create a striking focal point and give this entryway an antique feel, while custom glass doors add a touch of contemporary style. Design by Christopher J. Grubb.

  • Old World Elegance

    Tall, wooden doors with exposed grain enhance this room's old-fashioned feel and perfectly complement the dramatic spiral staircase. Design by Rate My Space user timelessinteriors.

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