Beautiful Shelves: Merging Function With Style

See new ways to display your favorite things, from designer solutions to creative Rate My Spacers.

  • Children's books are so colorful and fun. Use a favorite collection as wall art by displaying them on easy-to-install shallow shelves. Rotate periodically. Design by barHokie, Rate My Space.
  • Consider built-in shelves, which add storage and value to your home. Be creative in the design, as in this Rate My Space makeover, which turns a display wall into a focal point. Design by Angelo Surmelis.
  • If you have a lot of kitchen collectibles, store them in display shelves like these, which add character and convenience. Design by Luis Caicedo.
  • If you have a lot of books to display, go vertical. Add interest and color to the underside of the shelves with wallpaper remnants or decorative paper. Design by arielkaye, Rate My Space.
  • A flat-screen television is a sleek design choice, but don't think one has to hang solo on a wall. Floating shelves, artfully decorated, are a stylish complement. Design by joemartin26, Rate My Space.
  • If you want a room to accommodate multiple bookshelves, consider utlitizing the space around a doorway, as in this New York bedroom. The result is dramatic and cozy, and you'll always have a book close at hand. Design by Luis Caicedo.
  • Treasured family photos should be incorporated into a home's design, but be careful: it's all too easy for a grouping to become cluttered and unattractive. Take a cue from this Rate My Spacer, who mixed neatly framed and coordinated pictures with pretty objects and left some breathing space for all. Design by nyclq.
  • A collection of objets d'art requires a proper display space. Matching glass shelves like these allow the sculpture to shine. Design by Christopher, Rate My Space.
  • Need a designated reading space? Just find an underutilized corner and add shelves and comfortable reading chairs. Design by NewSquaredID, Rate My Space.
  • Look at existing furniture for opportunities to display books, or add a shelf to an existing piece. Design by Erinn Valencich.
  • When you're filling a bookshelf with books, make sure to leave some space for other things such as bookends (or decorative objects that can serve as bookends). Design by HarryHenderson, Rate My Space.
  • Decorate bathroom shelves with essentials, but make sure they're organized and neat. Fill glass containers, tucking less attractive items away in beautiful boxes. Neatly fold or roll towels. Personalize the space with favorite items and artwork. Design by Luis Caicedo. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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