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How to Build Floating Shelves with Accent Timber

A recessed niche is dressed up with exotic-style wood shelves.

Materials and Tools:

tape measure
safety glasses
nail gun
carpenter's square
circular saw
staining brush
birch plywood
veneer accent plywood
wood stain


1. Measure your space using a tape measure.

2. Cut veneer accent plywood down into six-inch strips to make the wood more manageable.

3. Trace out the top to the shelf on the birch plywood.

4. Using a worm drive saw, cut the shelves out of the birch plywood.

The vertical and horizontal pieces are miter cut to give the shelves a clean edge.

5. Attach the accent wood using a nail gun.

6. Stain the birch plywood to match the accent wood.

7. Install 1x4s around the closet where the shelves are to be installed. Vertically space the brackets one inch apart for proper shelf space.

8. Using a nail gun, attach the shelves to the brackets.

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