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How to Hang Shed Doors

Adding a sliding door to an outdoor storage shed saves space and hides clutter.

These new doors hide the clutter in the shed and provide a warm "wall" for the outside space.

Materials and Tools:

door track


1. Make sure to purchase sliding door hardware that fits the dimensions of your shed doors and is appropriate for their weight. Install the running track into the top of the shed doorway by drilling screws into the track to securely attach it to the overhead jamb.

2. Attach the rollers to the top of the shed doors with screws. The rollers are adjustable so that the doors will fit plumb into the overhead.

3. Now it's time to hang the doors. Depending on the size of the doors, you may need a helper. Slide the rollers into the track, making sure that all the rollers securely fit into the track and the doors hang properly.

4. You may need to install a track on the floor to guide the hanging doors as they slide back and forth. This should be done after you have hung the doors so that you line up the bottom track with the bottom of the doors. If the shed is in a windy area, this will also keep the doors from rocking back and forth in the wind.

5. Test the doors to make sure they fit well with the bottom track.

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