How to Install Flooring Using a Pneumatic Nail Gun

An air-powered nail gun can make installing hardwood or laminate flooring much easier and quicker.

  • Getting Started: How to use the nail gun.
  • Loading the Nail Gun: Load nails into magazine.
  • When the gun is engaged, the pusher housing slides on a track over the nails.
  • The gun will be fully loaded when the pusher housing is released to force the nails into the magazine.
  • Pneumatic flooring nailers provide pressurized air to drive nails into flooring materials.
  • When setting up the flooring nailer, place the shoe plate along the tongue of the plank and make sure it rests flat on the wood.
  • The nails should be spaced according to the length of the planks; they are driven at an angle and should sit just below the wood. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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