How to Install Flooring Using a Pneumatic Nail Gun

An air-powered nail gun can make installing hardwood or laminate flooring much easier and quicker.

General tips for Nailing Floors
The nails or cleats are driven at an angle and should sit just below the wood. Flooring nailers usually operate between 80 to 90 PSI. The pressure setting can vary depending on the type of wood and the thickness of the floor. Always refer to the user's manual and the floor manufacturer's specifications to determine the appropriate PSI setting.

The nails should be spaced according to the length of the planks. In this project, since the planks were only about 3-feet long, cleats were placed approximately 4 to 6-inches from each end. Move the flooring nailer to the next board and repeat the process. Note: Some floor nailers have an adapter plate to nail the first and last rows. For details, consult with the hardware store at the time of rental.

Check your work as you go. Too much air pressure will cause the nails to break the tongue of the plank and too little pressure will leave the nails sitting too high, preventing the next board from installing tightly against its neighbor.

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