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How to Replace a Door Frame

Cut and install a new door frame with these step-by-step instructions.

Henry demonstrates how to remove an old frame, then cut and install a new one. On his elbow grease scale of one to four, Henry gives this job a two.

Materials and Tools:

table saw
circular saw
carpenters square
pry bar
extension ruler
power drill
dust mask
storm door
2x4 treated lumber


1. Remove screws and nails that hold on existing door frame, then pry frame off.

2. Measure inside the top of the doorway with an extension ruler with an extendable tip and mark the exact center of the doorway. Use this point as a benchmark to work for.

3. Cut the treated 2x4s to length using the circular saw, then use the table saw to rip cut the boards to fit the door frame.

4. Pre-drill pilot holes and attach the new frame boards to the inner frame using screws.

5. Lift the storm door into place and attach to the new wooden frame using screws.

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