Make Over Your Morning Routine

From message boards to lunch packing solutions, we've got ideas from pros and real parents to get everyone out the door in the morning...without the drama.

  • Morning Meal

    Get a Balanced Breakfast

    \"Breakfast on the go items pre-made. Like oatmeal with fruit, nuts and brown sugar in [plastic sandwich] baggies. Breakfast sandwiches, egg and sausage muffins, lots of ideas on Pinterest. Keep in freezer for a healthy breakfast on the go! Important way to start your day.\" -Facebook fan Leigh Anne Halliburton

  • HGTV Smart Home 2014 Kitchen

    Get Your Joe to Go

    \"Programmable coffee maker = a MUST.\" -Facebook fan Kristin Prince

  • Spring Forward

    \"Set all the clocks in your house 10 minutes ahead. It may sound silly, but it really works.\" -professional organizer Alicia Rockmore

  • Keep Kids on Task

    \"I use a combination of rules, organization and 'gestapo Mom' tactics, really. [My daughter] has a checklist she has to complete each morning. If she strays and I catch her sitting and staring into space or something, I say, 'Honey, is that on your checklist?'\" -mother Kimberly Kious

  • Food organization

    Easy Lunch Layout

    \"Take clear, shoebox-sized containers and create spaces in the refrigerator for kids' lunchbox supplies. Do the same in the pantry. That way, when it's time to pack kids' lunches, everything will be in one place. And by putting things like cereal or chips in clear containers, you'll know when you're running low, rather than discovering in the morning when you're rushed.\" -professional organizer Janine Adams

  • See Your Schedule

    \"Having 4 kids, having a message/calendar board was a must when they were at 4 different schools.\" -Facebook fan Elise Happich

    Follow this link to create this giant chalkboard calendar from the pages of HGTV Magazine.

  • Container Store Closet Storage Kid

    Organize Outfits

    \"We pick out all [my daughters'] clothes on the weekend, and they have five hooks in their closet, one for each day of the week.\" -professional organizer Amanda Le Blanc

  • 466639479

    Check Your Tech

    \"Evernote helps me stay organized in parenting, running the household and with work.\" -Facebook fan Bryan Bedessem

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