Stop Household Clutter: 15 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Ready to rid your house of clutter? Start here with these items you're sure not to miss.

  • Cardboard Food Boxes

    Ditch the cardboard boxes and plastic bags that go with your cereal, snacks and dry goods. They're ugly, take up lots of space and don't keep your food fresh. Instead, opt for glass jars (like HGTV Magazine did here) or airtight food storage containers.

  • Wire Hangers

    Mommie Dearest said it best: No more wire hangers! Ditch those dry cleaner hangers for matching plastic or wooden versions.

  • Making Good Use of Cake Stands

    Your Dish Sponge

    When was the last time you replaced the sponge in your kitchen sink? If it's been more than a month, toss it. In between, sanitize it with a spin in the dishwasher.

  • Wire Basket for Shoes

    Old Shoes

    Get rid of any shoes that are broken beyond repair, worn out or missing a mate. Can't remember the last time you wore a still-good pair? Donate to a thrift store.

  • Closet Organization Ideas

    Clothing You've Never Worn

    Donate or sell any items of clothing you've had for more than a year without wearing.

  • Blue Boy's Bedroom Closet

    Too-Small Kids' Clothing

    The same goes for clothing your children can no longer wear: Unless it's an heirloom, donate or sell to free up the space.

  • Socks Without a Mate

    We all have that bag of socks without their, ahem, sole mate. If you've done a full round of laundry without finding their partner, it's time to let them go.

  • Grooming Rack

    Expired Makeup

    How long have those cosmetics been lurking in your makeup bag? Mascara should be replaced every three months. Foundation and concealer are good for about a year, while lipstick, eye shadow and blush should be replaced every two years.

  • Labeled Spice Jars

    Old Spices

    Most ground spices should be replaced after 12 months. A simple test? Give each one a wiff. If there's no scent, there will be no flavor. Go ahead and toss it!

  • Your Toothbrush

    The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush once every three months for maximum brushing power.

  • Last Year's Holiday Cards

    You've enjoyed them, now it's time to let them go. Record any addresses to your phone or computer before chucking them into the recycling bin.

  • Wall Calendar Above Dining Table

    Last Year's Calendar

    Embrace the current year by recycling last year's calendar. The same goes for a dated datebook.

  • Food organization

    Unidentified Frozen Objects

    Toss any unidentifiable objects in the refrigerator or freezer.

  • Organized Entertainment Area with Stored DVDs

    Movies You Don't Love

    If you'd only give a film one thumb up or you wouldn't watch it again, give it away or sell at a used electronics store. And those VHS tapes? If you don't have a player, let those go, too.

  • Organized Pantry

    Expired Food

    Throw away any canned goods past their expiration date. If you discover still-good packaged food you didn't like or won't eat, donate to a local food pantry.

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