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Home Office Organization Quick Tips

Follow these easy tips to declutter your small home office.

Aimee Lane, It's Overflowing
Organized Home Office

Hide Cords

Electrical cords can become a tangled mess inside a drawer or desktop. Use a small, stylish storage container to store and hide all the wires.

Organized Home Office Desk

Use Mason Jars As Cubbies

Keep all your writing utensils organized and at hand by putting them in Mason jars right on your desk.

Mason Jar Office Supply Holder

Install Open Shelving

Keep the desk surface clear by adding a book spine to your space. These easy-to-build shelves allow you to stack magazines and books in close proximity while freeing up space on your desk.

Spine Bookshelf

Use Drawer Dividers

Large drawers are great for storing paperwork, but small desk items should be separated into small sections with drawer dividers to help keep everything organized.

Cardboard Drawer Dividers

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