What We Love: Inspiring Kids to Get Organized

Organizing kids' rooms can be difficult, but these storage solutions and kid-friendly organizers are up to the challenge.

Kid's Chores DK - House Works © 2010 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Make Chores Fun

One of the biggest problems in keeping kids organized is getting them to remember. The Chore Chart is a fun, colorful wall hanging that helps teach kids not only to remember and take charge of the chores that are expected of them, but also to be rewarded for doing them.

Tip: This system is great because it works even for kids who can't yet read. Hang it somewhere the child can easily see and reach. Remember, it takes time to develop a habit: Gentle reminders go a long way toward getting your kids organized. Chore Chart, www.onlineorganizing.com, $25.94

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