Stylish Storage Solutions

HGTV Magazine, HGTV hosts and other experts share their tips for saying buh-bye, clutter! Get clever ideas for corralling desk supplies, dog toys and everything else that piles.

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  • Ribbon Wrangler

    \"I use a standing paper towel holder to organize my unruly ribbon collection. The spools spin around the stand, so I can quickly pull out the amount I want and snip.\" — Sabrina Soto, The High/Low Project
    Towel holder, $10,

  • Garden Gear on Wheels

    \"I keep my gardening supplies in a rolling metal tool chest so I can easily push it from the garage to the yard.\" — Vern Yip, HGTV Design Star
    26\" lime 5-drawer rolling cabinet, $721,

  • Letter Carrier

    \"It may sound a little strange, but after buying a vintage dustpan online, I realized it made a cute landing spot for mail, so I hung it by its handle from a hook in my entryway. Simple and totally unexpected.\" — Anna Crelia, co-owner of Loot Vintage Rentals, Austin, Texas for a similar look

  • Desktop Divider

    \"I use an old sewing box for desk supplies like paper clips, pens, stamps and stationery. The expandable trays fold up neatly when I’m done working.\" — Elizabeth Geddes, owner of Octavia & Brown vintage shop, New York City for a similar look

  • Sweet Spot for Nail Polish

    \"Little bottles of nail polish can take over the bathroom. So I stash them in an old-fashioned glass candy jar. The glossy colors look as pretty as a scoop of jelly beans.\" — Liz Caan, interior designer, Newton, Mass.
    Anchor Hocking jar, $10,

  • Jewelry Control

    \"It's crazy how fast jewelry can jumble up. My surprise container: an egg crate. It keeps rings, chains and earrings neatly sorted.\" — Taniya Nayak, House Hunters on Vacation
    Farmer's egg crate, $14,

  • Sporty Magazine Racks

    \"Metal and wire locker baskets have a cool, industrial look and are the perfect size for magazines. We can never pass them up at flea markets. But you can buy them new, too.\" — Amie and Jolie Sikes, Junk Gypsies
    Old-school locker basket, $20,

  • Cleaning Supply Station

    \"Wine shops usually toss their wood crates, so ask to take some off their hands and stack them to make charming insta-shelves. Fill them with detergents, cleaners and towels.\" — David Bromstad, Color Splash for a similar look

  • Tools Within Reach

    \"These hanging buckets are meant to hold plants, but I love them for screwdrivers, pliers and everyday gear. It's like a cheery wall-mounted toolbox.\" — Jennifer Berno, home editor, HGTV Magazine
    Bygel rail and containers, $6,

  • Dog Toy Bin

    \"Big copper buckets usually used for firewood are deep enough to hold all my pup's chew toys. Copper gets a patina that makes my heart go pitter-patter.\" — Cari Cucksey, Cash & Cari
    Copper 11-gallon oval bucket, $119,

  • Utensil Catchall

    \"Wooden spoons, whisks and spatulas never seem to fit in my kitchen drawer, so I put them in a Chinese ginger jar. I love the blue and white pattern on my counter, too.\" — Emily Henderson, Secrets From a Stylist
    Small classic ginger jar, $58,

  • Accessories Tamer

    \"This is a spice holder, but I use it to group the hundreds of hair accessories my daughters have amassed. It attaches to the wall, and the little magnetic containers are movable.\" — Betsy Goldberg, deputy editor, HGTV Magazine
    Magnetic spice rack, $50,

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