12 Holiday Organizing Essentials

Don't let the busy holiday season leave you unorganized. Store Christmas decorations quickly, easily and safely with functional and stylish storage solutions that fit in even the smallest spaces.

  • Organize dot com Airtight Food Containter

    Airtight Food Storage Containers

    These storage containers aren't just for storing food they work great for organizing small ornaments, hangers and other breakable or easy-to-lose holiday accessories.

  • JCPenney Christmas Tree Storage Bag

    Christmas Tree Storage Bag

    This duffle bag was made just for storing Christmas trees, even 9-foot tall ones. We like the pliable plastic, heavy-duty zipper and easy-to-carry handles, perfect for quick and easy storage.

  • Collapsible Tarp Bins

    These flexible bins work well for awkward or bulky items such as stuffed animals or thick holiday blankets. Plus, they fold away easily when it's time to use — and enjoy — your Christmas decorations.

  • Organize dot com Ornament Storage Box

    Snap N' Stack Ornament Storage Box

    Ideal for delicate ornament storage, this 3-tier box can hold up to 48 ornaments, or it can be reconfigured to hold other decorations, too.

  • Home Decorators Canvas Storage Box with Lid

    Trimmed Canvas Storage Box With Lid

    Canvas boxes are not only durable but easy to stack in the garage, attic or closet. Canvas handles make it extra easy to grab off any shelf when Christmas rolls around.

  • Organize dot com Wreath Storage Bag

    Wreath Storage Bag

    Safely storing Christmas wreaths is no easy task. These storage bags keep your wreaths dust-free and in mint condition for next year. The canvas zipper top makes it especially easy to stack in small spaces.

  • Accent Furniture Direct Ornament Storage Box

    Adjustable Ornament Storage Box

    This adjustable storage box is perfect for those with limited storage space but lots of ornaments to stash. It fits right under the bed, and with a bright red polyester case, you'll never misplace your favorite holiday decor.

  • Organize dot com Small Toiletries Basket

    Orbz Small Basket

    These baskets aren't just for bathrooms. Create a portable gift-wrapping caddy (full of scissors, tape, ribbons and gift tags) to use during the holiday season — then stored away for next year.

  • West Elm Modern Weave Storage Bin

    Modern Weave Storage Bin

    When storage space is tight, this modern box works beautifully. Just pop on the lid, and your Christmas ornaments will be discretely nestled among your bookshelves.

  • Organize dot com Triple Storage Bin with Lid

    Triple Storage Bin With Lid

    For holiday tablecloths, napkins or Christmas lights, this three-compartment bin zips up bulky essentials for easy storage all year long.

  • Target Airtight Storage Boxes

    Airtight Storage Boxes

    Thanks to the airtight seal, your most fragile ornaments and holiday linens are safe for storage in attics and garages, where temperatures and moisture levels vary throughout the year.

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