Maximize Small Spaces: 8 Revamps for Your Closet

Even the smallest rooms in small homes can be reinvented to suit your own style and need. Enjoy these eight closet transformations that inspire function and form while providing key small space solutions.

Sunset office closet

Balanced Lines for Your Closet Transformation

Creating balance in your small space is key. This also goes for transforming your closet space into a new style of room, like an office. A good tip for this design style is to create balanced lines with shelving. Parallel lines allow the eye to maintain stability and anchor the space, no matter how big or small. Add a few neat accents, like affordable vases in pops of turquoise blue (the color of the year), and you are good to go! Photo courtesy of Home by Sunset.

Closet Home Office

Extend Your Bedroom Design With Your Closet

Make your small space appear bigger by creating dimension. Fallon Aker's closet-turned-office showcases this idea well. Using a neutral palette for her furniture, décor and wallpaper, she made the additional square footage of the closet feel like an extension of her bedroom while providing a working area. Image courtesy of Fallon Akers.

Keeping Your Closet Transformation Clean

Although small in square footage, many apartments and homes can enjoy a washer and dryer. Find room to create your own laundry room right behind a closet door. Liven it up by painting the entire small space a bright color – pink is a fresh color story for 2010. Image courtesy of The Container Store.

Closet with Desk

Blending In a Closet-Turned-Office

Many small apartments feel bigger and better when the doors come off. If using a closet as an office, like Sean McNally's space as seen in Lonny Magazine, take off the doors and paint the inside the same shade as the main room for a cohesive, stylish vibe that blends in seamlessly. Photo courtesy of Lonny Magazine and photographer David Land.

The Minimalist Closet Transformation

For the minimalist at heart, consider a very streamlined closet-turned-office in your home. The vertical area inside the closet visually extends the space. A few coats of Decorator’s white paint and clean door edges will create a built-in design aesthetic that sheds any idea of \"this used to be a closet.\" Photo courtesy of Clos-ette.

Home Office

Sweet Life Events That Inspire Closet Creation

Big life events inspire reinvention of space. When reader Adam Selwood and his wife learned they were expecting, he turned his office into the baby's room and created a new office in the basement out of an Ikea PAX wardrobe. Sleek, resourceful and compact, using a wardrobe to house your office provides an opportunity to create a unique small working space. Photo courtesy of Adam Selwood.

Craft Room Walk-In Closet

She's Crafty! Creating An Organized Home For Hobbies

Small space dwellers make the most of their footprint by being creative and thinking outside the box. Design writer Alissa Walker did just this in her bungalow by turning her closet into a craft room. Maximize your space by organizing your craft closet with shelves and containers to keep all your goodies in tact. Image courtesy of Alissa Walker.

Closet Office Space

9 to 5 in a Closet-Turned-Office

Many small space dwellers work from home and getting those creative juices flowing while maintaining an efficient schedule is key. Gregory Han, managing editor of Unplggd, works out of his super-small closet that is masked as a truly functional and well-designed office. Best tips – embracing the height of the closet by using the vertical space (bookshelves for storage) as well as adding color tones. Photo courtesy of Gregory Han.

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