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Fran's Tips: How to Break Free From Complacency

The host of Home Rules shares advice that can dramatically improve relationships and change lives.

Complacency is the killer of all that is good in our homes and relationships. I can't tell you how many times I hear couples say: We used to have so much fun together but now we don't do any of the things we used to do. And when I ask, "What happened?" they always do the same thing. They turn to each other, shrug their shoulders and say those three words no coach wants to hear: “I don't know.”

Well I do! You got complacent. You started taking the other person for granted, and you thought that you'd already won the prize. No need to jump through any more hoops, right? Wrong. Big mistake. Every relationship needs attention. Lover to lover. Parent to child. Friend to friend. Gardener to garden. Yes, what we nurture, grows. Here are a few rules to help you ignite the fire in your relationships and home.

Home Rule #1: Just Do It!
It's one thing to tell someone that they're important to you. Quite another to show them. Love is more than words. To truly convey that you love someone you must execute that love through thoughtfulness and effort. Gifts optional.

Home Rule #2: Say What You Feel (not just what you mean)
Let me explain. If your honey plays his video game for five hours but then complains that he doesn't have time to enjoy a night out on the town with you, here's something you might say: "Honey, I'd like us to get back to going out at least once a week without the kids. And I feel sad that you'd rather spend five hours playing your video game yet you say you don't have time to go out with me."

Home Rule #3: Maximize More Moments
Does someone really have to die or become ill for you to cherish the time you have with them? I hope not. Today I want you to pick up the phone and call someone you haven't spoken to in ages. Or grab a quick greeting card and surprise someone with a few kind words.

Remember, follow my rules and I guarantee you'll drastically improve the quality of your relationships and your home life.

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