Beautifully Organized Rooms: Our Favorites From Rate My Space

Resolving to get organized? Check out these 20 inspirational ideas.

  • Make organization easier for children by creating a system that is simple and fun. Design by Centsationalgirl.
  • Why have a lot of shoes if you can't find them? Organize each pair in a custom shoe closet. Design by Christellsc.
  • Food pantries can be easily organized by stacking like items together and keeping labels turned the same way.
  • The basement is the perfect area to store items not in use, and these stacked plastic blue containers allow easy organization.
  • Toys in a playroom can be organized quickly if storage containers have labels for toys, dolls and other kids' items.
  • This kids' playroom contains large shelf units filled with containers, which provide plenty of storage space.
  • Display and rotate children's art rather than letting it pile up or stowing it in boxes. Design by Centsationalgirl.
  • This library features a wall-sized bookcase with comfortable chairs and soft lighting.
  • This cute girl's closet features pink curtains and a white dresser that can store clothes, pictures and toys.
  • This organized girl's closet leaves room to display important mementos like her monogrammed Minnie Mouse hat.
  • This pink girl's closet is neatly organized and stores both dresses and pictures.
  • This bathroom contains plenty of shelves for storage, as well as convenient towel racks and mirrors.
  • This bathroom is like a spa, with its light blue walls, white cabinets with plenty of shelving for storage, vanity and mirrors.
  • Bath salts for the tub can be conveniently stored in attractive glass containers.
  • Renovating a shower? Create niches for shampoo, soap, etc. Design by mpop.
  • Don't trek to the garage or basement for laundry. Connect your washer and dryer to the master bath to make daily chores more convenient.
  • This funky home office has a grouping of framed art and office supplies above the storage piece, a metal desk, Lucite chair, and zebra print rug.
  • A large, white, open-faced shelving unit is positioned near a crib inside this nursery, which has a a mural of a tree branch on the wall nearest the crib. Books, toys, clothing, and linens are stored on the shelves.
  • This baby boy's nursery has neutral walls with a soft yellow personalized spot with shelves over the dark wood crib. A built-in holds boxes and baby clothes.
  • A double sinked wooden bathroom vanity is decorated with baskets above and below and framed wall art centered between two tall mirrors. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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