Uber-Organized Closets

Click through gorgeous pictures of super-tidy closets and get inspired to organize your own.

  • Islands aren't just for kitchens anymore. In fact, they're perfect for large walk-in closets like this one.
  • Not only does this closet have plenty of storage bins and baskets at just the right height for the little girls who use it, but it also doubles as a computer station.
  • This spacious walk-in closet features easy-to-access pull-out baskets and a bench that makes for effortless dressing.
  • This elaborate shelving system keeps the whole pantry visible, within easy reach and looking stylish.
  • Just because it's a closet doesn't mean you can't make it look nice. Add a lamp and a photo or two to give it a personal touch.
  • Getting a closet in order doesn't have to be an elaborate process. A simple built-in with just a few shelves accomplishes the task nicely.
  • Spice up your pantry with various shapes and sizes of shelves, insets and drawers.
  • Craft closets can be some of the most challenging to organize, especially since they might include unruly items like fabric and small pieces of beading or other accessories. One way to tidy up those things is to place them in baskets and color coordinate them as was done here.
  • Instead of stacking linens the standard way, consider rolling them into logs and placing them in decorative baskets. When you're ready to bathe, just pull out the basket, grab one and go!
  • Getting a pantry in order can be as easy as affixing simple wire racks on the back of the door for smaller items such as spices and condiments. And of course, pull-out bins and clearly labeled containers make items super-easy to find.
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