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Get Organized With the Help of These Websites

These resources will help you stay on track when it comes to fighting clutter.

When it comes to staying organized, you don't have to go it alone — in fact, organization works better when you have a neutral party involved, says professional organizer Kendra Muscella. Find your neutral party in the form of community organizing websites, where the philosophy reigns that 100 organizing ideas are better than one.

Get Help Organizing

Sometimes you just need a good nagging to get things done. This service is like that overbearing relative who always makes you try her tuna surprise at a family picnic. HassleMe nags you consistently, and at random, via e-mail or IM to get yourself in order.

Clutterless Recovery Groups
Do you consistently have a hard time parting with your things? You may be a clutterer, someone who is emotionally and spiritually blocked from purging unnecessary items. Remind yourself that life goes on without stuff at friendly and free Clutterless Recovery Groups meetings. Check the website for a meeting near you.

Who wouldn't love a blog whose gospel is: everything in its place? You'll find product reviews, tips and strategies here geared toward home and office organization.

Organized With Style
Professional organizer Karli Bertocchi keeps a fun and especially well-organized blog. Her company, Organized With Style, specializes in home and business organization. She offers advice and finds great tips for organizing vacations, your office and starting fresh — even in your fridge.

Organize Your Life

30 Boxes

Quite possibly the king of all online calendars, 30 Boxes allows you to publish, collaborate on and share your personal schedule with anyone you choose. It's simple to use and looks a lot nicer than the messy family calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. Other features include a photo-adding feature and sharing via a blog, Facebook and more.

The first thing to do when your bundle of joy arrives is take pictures. The second? Make him or her a website. (Somewhere in there you've got to feed and take care of the little one(s0, too, but we can't help you with that.) Baby's first website at Bundlo is free and can be customized. Get organized by sharing photos, journaling about that first smile and keeping an online baby book up-to-date with those all-important milestones.

Very Short List
We love anything with the word short in the title, because it usually means we can fit it into our busy schedules. Find some time to learn about one new thing each weekday in the briefest form imaginable. This free e-mail alerts you to entertainment and media items that aren't yet highly publicized, so you can impress all your friends and still have time to get organized.

Solutions for Plastic and Paper Clutter
Rule #1 for staying organized: Don't let the enemy back into your home. Rescue kitchens that resemble plastic bag graveyards with reusable, eco-friendly bags, bottles and grocery gear. The next time someone asks, "Paper or plastic?" you can proudly answer, "Neither."
Why let the morning edition take over your kitchen table, when you can have hundreds of front pages delivered to your web browser each day? You'll stay in the know without paper clutter or inky fingers.
If sending cards to friends and family isn't your strong suit, make things a little more organized with a free reminder service from American Greetings. Sign up for a free account to add birthdays, events and anniversaries to your personal calendar. The service reminds you before the date via e-mail or phone, so you have plenty of time to log on and send that free e-card.

Put down the Post-Its: It's more efficient to plan your life goals — or simply what to do next week — while sitting comfortably at your desk. This free time-management site organizes tasks by priority, due date and time estimates for especially busy bees.

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