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Top 4 Home Improvement Myths

HGTV experts debunk some common home improvement myths and share their tips on what not to do when trying to add value to your home.

Myth #1: Any remodel is a good one.
Some people think that any improvement is a good one, but not all home improvements are created equal. For example, the homeowner of the room at left had a concert hall of his very own in his ranch-style home. Unless the next homeowner is an opera singer, he or she may not want a balcony in the house. When making a renovation like this, keep in mind that you might want to sell the place one day.

Myth #2: I can do it myself.
You may be convinced that you can do it just as well as a contractor, but news flash! You can't. You may just have an unrealistic idea of your "knack" for remodeling. Doing it yourself can sometimes save money, but you need to know your limits. Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are certain low-risk projects that are very simple to tackle on your own, but there are many others for which you need a professional.

Myth #3: Pools add value.
A lot of people think that adding a swimming pool and/or a hot tub is a sure seller. That's not always true. Location is extremely important. If every day is summer in your climate and it's a pool-friendly region, that's one thing, but if you live in a cooler climate, it could be different story. In most areas of the country, adding a pool is a scary proposition. It's a big liability and can be a lot of work to maintain in the off-season. You should think long and hard about building a pool. It could end up being a big money pit.

Myth #4: Follow the latest design trends.
Many homeowners think it's a good idea to follow the latest design trends. Not true. For instance, peach textured wallpaper went out in the '80s. Features like that must go before a house goes on the market. Neutral colors or palettes have more of a timeless feel and will appeal to far more people.


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